We have always been culturally and linguistically close to Brazil, with only the Atlantic Ocean between us and some legal matters.


Today we can proudly say that Hydracooling managed to reduce these boundaries as our equipment obtained the INMETRO certificate from Tüv Rheinland Brasil, accredited by the General Coordination of Accreditation of Inmetro.


After the necessary inspections and safety tests, compliance with the technical standards legally required in Brazil was confirmed, enabling the sale of our equipment in Brazilian market.


Hydracooling has CE and ETL markings, enabling the export of 95% of what it produces to Europe and the United States. Portugal is not left out of Hydracooling's sales, but the present and future point once again to the other side of the Atlantic, this time towards Brazil.


With the Inmetro certification and already having two showrooms in São Paulo, one of them at the facilities of our partner ENGEFOOD, we can say that we are ready to show what we do best!