Because we know how essential your commercial refrigeration equipment is for the functioning of your store, we want to remind you the little maintenance actions that will allow the performance of your equipment to remain the same as the first day.

Step 1: Schedule cleanings of the refrigeration unit, weekly, or every 2 weeks, with warm water and soap.  Avoid using abrasive sponges, as well as chlorine based cleaning products. Use preferably soft brushes or cloths.

Step 2: If the condenser coil is too dusty, it could be difficult to maintain the temperature inside the equipment and it could cause overheating. It is recommended that the cleanings should be done weekly.

Step 3: The evaporator also needs regular maintenance, since it absorbs the heat in the refrigeration’s system. Make sure that the space next to the evaporator is always clean unobstructed.

Step 4: It is primordial to check the state of the joints and door hinges, since dirt and potential cracks can hinder the impermeability of the doors an cause loss of cold. Ideally, try to clean and verify them frequently. In the case you identify any damage, contact us with the serial number of the equipment.

Step 5: Depending on your business type, some volatile elements ( flour, powders, …) may accumulate , impeding the correct ventilation of the condenser unit. Frequent cleanings are essential.

Step 6: The excess of dirt can clog drainage tubes. It is essential to clean them at least once per month with warm water and soap.

The equipment manuals are essential to support these maintenance actions, which do not invalidate the professional maintenance required. It is always recommended and necessary to contact an authorized local maintenance service.